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Amber Kemble

Of Counsel

Ms. Kemble earned her law degree in Oregon in 2001 and her California license the following year. Currently, Ms. Kemble’s practice focuses on advising and representing citizen groups in the areas of land use, natural resources and environmental law. Ms. Kemble’s work involves California Environmental Quality Act, state and federal Endangered Species Act, National Environmental Policy Act, California Planning and Zoning Law, Subdivision Map Act, government matters, initiatives and referenda, natural resources, solid waste, wetlands and related matters.  She evaluates cases, drafts comments for decision-makers, recommends expert witnesses, develops case strategies and litigates in trial and appellate courts.  Her past practice spans a variety of other areas, including contracts, wills and trusts, family law, criminal law — in prosecution and defense, torts, worker’s compensation and property law.

While representing clients zealously, she keeps an open mind to opportunities to effectively resolve lawsuits prior to trial. In 2007, having completed coursework from the Straus Institute of Dispute Resolution of Pepperdine University, Ms. Kemble volunteered as a court-appointed mediator for Solano County Superior Court and in that capacity resolved a variety of lawsuits. Additionally, Ms. Kemble has served as a small claims judge for Solano County Superior Court and as a deputy district attorney for Curry County, Oregon.

Prior to practicing law Ms. Kemble was active in adventure travel inclusive of hiking 500 miles in the Sierra Nevada (300 were off trail), bicycling across Europe and the United States (northern and southern routes), boating and hiking in the tropical jungles in Costa Rica and Borneo, distance horseback riding and trail running in Napa, Death Valley and Catalina Island. She kayaked across the Willamette River daily as part of her commute to attend law school in Portland, Oregon.


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